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“The best sleep headphones for side sleepers”

“Helps you get a great night's sleep”

"Perfect for long haul or nighttime flights"

“Say goodbye to restless nights”

“The best eye-mask style sleep headphones”

SnoozeBand™ Collection

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  • Better sleep with the press of a button

  • Comfortable for side sleepers

  • Premium sound quality & battery life

  • Sleep mask & headphones in one

  • Great for Yoga, meditation & more

Connect SnoozeBand to any Bluetooth device and enjoy your favourite sleep sounds, audio books, podcasts & more through the built-in wireless headphones. Listening to calming audio is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer.

Say goodbye to earpain from traditional headphones! Engineered for side sleepers, the ultra-thin & foam covered speakers allow for all-night comfort and relaxation. You'll even forget you're wearing it!

Listen to your favourite audio all night long with up to 15 hours of playtime from one charge. The thin Hi-Fi speakers deliver crystal clear sound right to your ears without disturbing your partner.

Block out light and immerse yourself in your choice of soothing sounds, all through one device. Designed for comfort and tranquility, Snoozeband creates a personal oasis that helps you drift off faster and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

SnoozeBand is perfect for an active lifestyle too, including running, Yoga and all your favourite activities. Made from machine washable & breathable fabric, you don't have to worry about breaking a sweat!

SnoozeBand™ Ultimate Sleep Set - Snooze Band
SnoozeBand™ MAX - Snooze Band

1,000+ 5 Star Reviews


Headband with built-in audio for enhanced sleep, comfort, and sound quality, called Snoozeband MAX.

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SnoozeBand™ Essentials Bundle - Snooze Band

SnoozeBand™ Original

Our bestselling, 5-star rated Bluetooth headband designed for sleep & an active lifestyle.

Consistently ranked the most comfortable headphones for side sleepers.

Relieve insomnia and enjoy a deeper, more comfortable sleep - SnoozeBand™ has helped thousands of people improve their sleep habits.

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SnoozeBand™ Deluxe

A luxurious sleep mask with integrated headphones and built-in white noise.

Rated "The best eye-mask-style sleep headphones" by Expertreviews and The Independent.

The ultra-thin speakers are nestled within a silky soft eye mask, so you get the best sleep you're capable of whilst listening to the sounds that soothe you.

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SnoozeBand™ Pro 2.0

Pro is designed for deep sleep.

Featuring a 3D eye mask with zero pressure, allowing your eyes to truly relax whilst enjoying your favourite sounds.

The softly padded mask provides a 100% black-out experience without the bulk.

Take control of sight and sound with Snoozeband Pro and experience your deepest sleep.

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Works with all your favourite apps

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Which Snoozeband model is right for me?

Please refer to our Product Quiz and Model Comparison to find the perfect SnoozeBand for your needs.

how does snoozeband compare to cheaper alternatives?

We have worked hard to create the best sleep headphones at a fair price point. Compared to cheaper alternatives, we use high quality materials and premium speakers that are specifically engineered for side sleepers. Our models feature the slimmest speakers on the market (4mm) without compromising on sound quality. We promise you won't feel them at all, even when sleeping on your side. The automatic shut-off timing function can be set to 1 or 2 hours and ensures longer battery life, so no need to charge your Snoozeband daily. Plus, there are no annoying flashing lights or "low battery" voice prompts that will wake you up at night!

Can I wear Snoozeband all night?

Yes of course! All of our SnoozeBand models are designed with comfortable, breathable fabric and ultra thin speakers. So you can finally listen to your favourite audio throughout the night without the pain of traditional earphones.

Is it comfortable to sleep on my side?

Yes! All SnoozeBand models are engineered for side sleepers and feature ultra-thin speakers, just as thin as a yoga mat. You won't even feel them when sleeping on your side.

Are there any annoying voice prompts?

No. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Snoozeband will never wake you up with "low battery" or "power off" voice notifications.

Does it work with Android and iOS?

Yes, all Snoozeband models work with both Android and iOS devices.

What are the shipping times?

United Kingdom:

All orders are shipped from the UK and take 1-5 business days to arrive depending on the chosen shipping method at checkout.


International orders take approx. 5-10 business days depending on the country of the final destination.

What is your Warranty?

At Snoozeband we stand behind the quality of our products. Should you encounter a manufacturing defect, let us know within 1 Year of purchase and we will exchange your Snoozeband for a new one, free of charge.