Here at SnoozeBand we made it our mission to improve the life of thousands of people around the world by creating a new enjoyable way of sleep.

We believe good sleep is one of the most important foundations you need in order to live your best life.

Calm your body & mind

With inconsistent sleeping patterns driven by our busy modern lives, music helped us to relax and calm our mind so we could fall asleep faster.

However, headphones can be very painful and bad for our ears if worn all night long.

The Solution

We then came up with the idea for Snoozeband™- The world's most comfortable headphones specifically engineered for side sleepers.

With its soft elastic and breathable headband you can sleep in comfort whilst being able to listen to your favourite audio.

The thin, padded bluetooth speakers allow for maximum comfort without compromising on sound quality. Sleep will never be the same again!

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  • Solved my sleeping issues

  • Highly recommend if you struggle to sleep

  • Wish I'd bought these ages ago. Game changer.

  • Best sleeping headphones on the market

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