5 reasons why you need a SnoozeBand™ for your bedtime routine

1. Improve your sleep quality 😴💤

Transform your bedtime routine with Snoozeband! Whether you're listening to soothing sounds, your favourite music, or a calming audiobook - Snoozeband helps you relax and drift off more quickly, promoting deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

2. Ultimate side-sleep comfort ☁️

Experience unmatched comfort with our ultra-thin 4mm speakers. Unlike traditional earphones, you won't feel them at all, making Snoozeband the ideal solution for side sleepers and anyone who finds regular headphones uncomfortable.

3. Exceptional sound, intimate experience 🎧

Enjoy high-quality audio that’s only audible to you. Snoozeband features strategically placed thin speakers that offer clear sound without disturbing anyone else. Perfect for those who share a room or need a personal audio solution without disturbing your partner.

4. Isolate distracting noise & block out light 💡

Snoring partner or noisy neighbours? We've got you! Create your perfect sleep environment with Snoozeband. It is designed not only to deliver clear audio but also to effectively block out disruptive light and reduce ambient noise, helping you achieve a serene and restful night’s sleep.

5. All-night battery life & sleep timer ⏰

Enjoy uninterrupted audio throughout the night with Snoozeband's 10+ hour battery life. Or set the smart sleep timer to gently turn off after 1 or 2 hours, ensuring your Snoozeband powers down automatically as you drift off to dreamland.

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I really struggle to switch my brain off at night and like to listen to audiobooks to help me sleep. My Snoozeband allows me to do this even though I sleep on my side. It is really comfortable to wear and I can wear it all night.

Hazel M. - Verified Buyer


Seamless Bluetooth connection, great quality materials, so soft and very comfortable to fit and wear. I have been listening to stories, podcasts and meditation, also hypnotherapy for sleep.

Samantha H. - Verified Buyer


"I tried several other products but the speakers would cause my ears to be sore if I slept on my side. The Snoozeband is amazing - very comfortable, the charging cable is easy to access, and it has a timer so it will turn off after an hour, which means I don't waste battery when I'm sleeping."

Lee L. - Verified Buyer